The Chancellor Debate 2017 - Merkel vs Schulz

Shortly before the federal elections, Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz introduced themselves in the chancellor debate – a high point of the political-media year of 2017. And we took part, regaling the 800 guests with diverse appetizers in our flying service. At several food stations we served pasta and soup. Especially popular: our bread station. We complimented our freshly baked bread with a generous selection of cheese from the Blomeyer dairy. The meat slicer was also running at full speed, slicing a selection of high-grade salamis and hams. It was a great honour for us – thank you to Vaterblut for the fantastic collaboration. 

„First-class catering for an event that whole country is watching.“„First-class catering for an event that whole country is watching.“
Lars Witte-Winter, Vaterblut
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