by Berlin Cuisine

“With finely tuned procedures, seamless logistics and innovative cooking, we are the ideal partners for companies that demand excellent service. Our success is a testimony to our methods: since 2017 we have operated restaurants in two locations in Berlin for Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG.”

Kristina Böhm, Business Development

At Salzufer guests and staff experience contemporary taste. At Saltery we have redefined the daily menu of the classic cafeteria and alongside our all-time-favourites like Königsberg meatballs and burgers, we also serve our signature dish, the Rocket.

About Saltery

Unter den Linden car owners experience not only the legend of Mercedes Benz, in all of its facets, but also the spirit of Berlin in culinary form. At the Mercedes-Benz Gallery, we developed a special selection catered to visitors to Berlin's downtown – locals, tourists, and business people

About Daimlers
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