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The new Berlin Cuisine Studios
09. February 2021
by Marlen Abubakari

We go full.

This motto is not only emblazoned in the entrance halls of the headquarters of the fast-growing caterer, no, this mantra is of course also put into practice at Berlin Cuisine. But how do you do that in 2021, a year in which the entire event industry is at a complete standstill? Quite simply, we put our heads together (with a safe distance, of course) and worked on a new concept: the Berlin Cuisine Studios.

No sooner said than done. Paintbrushes, hammers and drills were taken up at full throttle and our hallowed halls were transformed into a media production facility that is well worth seeing. You're probably wondering what exactly has changed and what our new studios have in store. Don't worry, I sat down with Michelle Bergemann from the marketing team at Berlin Cuisine to answer the five most burning questions for you.

To put it bluntly: Why actually a studio?

Especially in 2021, the topic of digital is more important than ever! We already had many livestreams in our show kitchen before the renovation and wanted to expand the whole thing. We want to focus even more on the topic of livestreaming, and the turn of the year naturally lent itself to this, according to the motto "new year, new wind! That's why we now have more space to produce our "Digitainment", as Felix Metzger puts it so nicely.

How are the studios structured? How can you imagine that?

The focus is clearly on the new show kitchen, because we are not called Berlin Cuisine for nothing. It is now twice as big and offers twice as much space for even more intensive tasting! We have really upgraded and, with the existing technical equipment, can now also exploit our complete know-how perfectly in the media. As always, we take the Contemporary keyword with us and always go one step further.

What content will be produced in the studios? What can our customers, partners and friends look forward to?

Our main focus lies in our DNA - the Maximum Taste. Through our livestreams, the digital events, we make sure that people can at least meet digitally and thus create shared experiences. For example, with cooking classes, that is simply very connecting and fun. But we also add a lot of spice to the media landscape with our products, which we have just produced. Whether through film or photos, we constantly present good taste and innovation.

To what extent has the construction of the Berlin Cuisine Studios changed the marketing of our products?

Before, there were a lot of snapshots of live events - since this is no longer possible due to the current situation, more in-house content is currently being generated. This means that viewers get more insights into the daily happenings at Berlin Cuisine, which is great because it gives them a much better idea of what it's like here at the wholesale market and what happens at Berlin Cuisine. Through these insights, our content becomes even more personal than before. The kitchen is a complete TV studio: the lighting is perfectly coordinated, you can shoot at different angles and try things out. The all-black eye-catcher studio will also be available for rent in the near future. In general, everything is possible here! 

What does good entertainment from Berlin Cuisine mean?

In any case, good mood! Extremely good food, quality content produced by creative minds who know what they are doing, live for it and love it. With us it's exciting and above all varied. Simply a mix of entertainment, education and personality, I would say.

Bigger. Higher. Further. The new Berlin Cuisine Studios are the icing on the cake of our Digitainment Roadmap for 2021. Stay tuned to see what content *straight outta* Großmarkt has in store for you.

About author: Marlen ist Veranstaltungsleiterin und kocht gerne mit sehr viel Ingwer, liebt schwäbische Gerichte, ertränkt ihr Essen gerne in Soße und probiert in ihrer Freizeit neue Backrezepte aus. Ihr Favorit: Käsekuchen.