Make Yourselves Comfortable: Premium Family-Style Catering

What does a good Catering in Family Style look like?

Family-Style Catering is where different worlds unite. How does professional catering fit into a relaxed, homely atmosphere? Through tableside service, communal sharing, extended conversation and interaction. We create the dining experience for you in an inviting setting – with decor and a menu perfectly suited to your event.

Berlin Locations and Ideas for Premium Catering Family Style

Sharing the Joy

We know that hand in hand is what really makes it work - so pass the hand! Or the bread, while sitting together at the table.

At the eWerk Berlin

Everyone comes together in one place - it's high up, it's surprising, and it's perfect for Family-Style Catering.

In the AVUS Tribüne

Savour a family-style menu that combines familiar warmth with the legendary spirit.

More Than Spaghetti

What unites us better and faster than food? The perfect dish to share - created by us with you for your event.

This is How Family-Style Catering Works Best

Inviting and hosting a Family-Style meal? One of the most effective ways to do this is to have your guests sit at tables specially set up for the occasion. When everyone shares a Family-Style meal, it fosters a sense of togetherness, and conversations naturally become more relaxed. This approach is perfect for events, where not everyone knows each other, and you want to dissolve existing groups or foster new connections.

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