Award Catering: For the best ones from the best team in the world

An awards ceremony is a time to honor special achievements, so the catering for the event should also be of the highest quality. Excite your guests at your award ceremony with a gala menu, a private dining experience, or an outstanding selection of food stations.

What defines a good catering for an award ceremony?

At an award ceremony, the focus falls firmly on the winners. The catering should not take the center stage, but create the perfect setting – for example, a gala dinner that matches the occasion or a flying menu that fits in perfectly with the event.

Berlin Locations and Highlights for the Award Ceremony

Culinary Theatrics

Imagine Beef Junks dramatically presented under a smoky bell jar, or Tafelspitz accented with pipettes for your awards gala. We specialize in culinary special effects.

At Kraftwerk Berlin

When the awards show calls for scale, there's no place like Kraftwerk Berlin to intensify the grandeur.

At Metropol Berlin

Elevate your awards night at the Metropol Berlin, one of Berlin's most prestigious venues.

Flying Fingerfood

Keep the focus on the awards and indulge the senses: Flying finger food with unique combinations like topinambur and broccoli.

Award Catering is also available online

Award Catering also works online with Berlin Cuisine in cases of necessity – either because it's not possible to get everyone together in the first place, or because you have to switch to the online format (with some time in advance). With a combination of a live event in the Berlin Cuisine Studio and the TasteBox delivered for all guests, you can achieve a festive atmosphere with the Eventlocation@Home.

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