Exclusive and Responsible: Premium Bio Catering

Rethink your catering choices – this is what you are embracing when you choose Bio Catering. Berlin Cuisine's premium catering goes even further, aligning with our concept of Sustainable Catering to perfectly complement your eco-conscious, mindful, or wellness-focused event. 

What characterizes Bio Catering?

Bio Catering could simply imply the use of organic components – a respectable base. But at Berlin Cuisine, we're always pushing the limits. Why should Bio Catering be any different? Our commitment goes beyond basic sustainability, we've formulated our own approach to Sustainable Catering with a strong focus on the entire value chain and responsible waste management.

Berlin Locations and Sustainable Ideas for Conscious Bio Catering

Sustainable Pleasure

Sustainability isn't just our motto at Berlin Cuisine, it's literally sprayed on our walls.

Schlossgut Schwante

Experience nature at its finest with your guests on the grounds of Schlossgut Schwante.

At Clärchens Ballhaus

Preserve what's good — that's what you'll experience at Clärchens Ballhaus including the Mirror Hall that's been maintained for over 200 years.

Long-term Thinking

From Hidden Vegan to Sustainable Pleasure, from celery kebabs to "served in a sunflower"— we think ahead!

Bio Catering for Online Events

Planning a sustainable online event? Consider turning the event model upside down: bring the catering experience right to your attendees' doorsteps, without the need for a central location. That way, everyone can enjoy Berlin Cuisine's signature offering – Sustainable Pleasure. We're talking about elevated sustainability that's thoughtful in every way, without sacrificing a bit of enjoyment.

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Nikolina Wenske, Concept & Events