Unique Catering for Children's Birthday Parties

What makes catering for children's birthday special?

At a children's birthday party, Berlin Cuisine brings out the brightest talents: we create catering experiences that open up new dimensions, regardless of age. And if you have a theme in mind, don't hesitate to share it with us – we'll surprise you with a concept that not only perfectly fits the occasion, but also delivers plenty of delightful surprises.

Berlin Locations and Catering Highlights for Your Child's Birthday

Mysteriously Fun

Experience the magic of our Dragon Breath popcorn as you exhale the smoke - evoking visions of mythical dragons, interstellar ships or delightful shocks?

At the eWerk Berlin:

A unique and impressively captivating venue for a rooftop party - fitting for a glimpse into the future.

At Haubentaucher

Haubentaucher combines fun with style, an urban garden with cool pool vibes – perfect for unforgettable children's birthday parties.

Bombastic Choice!

Fantastically delicious without being a sugar bomb? We effortlessly serve fun, vitamin-rich finger food.

Online Catering for Kids Birthday Party

With Berlin Cuisine's TasteBoxes and online events from our studio in Berlin, all of your guests can experience culinary enjoyment from the comfort of their own home – with SoulJar dishes, snack compositions, or even easy-to-follow live cooking events. We're here to advise you on how to create an online event that captures the same magic as a lively and bustling birthday party with everyone on site.

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Franziska Döderlein, Concept & Events