Professional Catering for Your Anniversary Celebration

What defines a good catering for a corporate anniversary?

With Berlin Cuisine's Premium Catering, your company anniversary shines brighter.  Celebrate everyone or highlight individual stars with an elegant gala dinner.  And when it comes to daily catering – think different, think better. We're all about reinventing the corporate dining experience.

Berlin Locations and Catering Highlights for Your Corporate Event

Matching the Occasion

It's all in the details, and that's where we shine. Imagine culinary creations that really sparkle.

On your Site

Celebrate where you are and we'll come to you. Perfect for an intimate, memorable anniversary.

At the Metropol Berlin

Special moments deserve a special setting. Metropol Berlin easily fits into a sophisticated or lively theme.

Something Special

Treat yourself and your guests to something exclusive – a menu, buffet or concept created especially for your event.

Organize Catering for Your Online Corporate Anniversary

Honoring the occasion properly – but virtually? That's where Berlin Cuisine's TasteBox comes in. This is how we handle catering for online anniversaries, allowing everyone to participate and savor the celebration.  We'll not only send the participation link to all your invited guests, we'll also provide all necessary ingredients for a collaborative, successful cooking experience – or a ready-to-eat SoulJar dish delivered to the doorstep.

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Anna-Lena Jäger, Concept & Events