Premium Event Catering for Your Summer Party

Mark the occasion with spirited festivities, in a formal manner, or with a personalized touch, all complemented by the perfect summer event catering for your mid-year gala. From dynamic flying menus to professional BBQs and shared family-style meals, we collaborate with you to create the ultimate catering concept for your summer fest. 

What does a good catering for a summer party look like?

When you're celebrating in the summer, your catering should match the mood and the spirit. Do you want to stand out with the perfect explosion of flavors? Or do you prefer a celebration that centers around a shared meal in a family style? We create the ideal summer event catering with you and for you.

Berlin Locations and Catering Highlights for Your Summer Party

Fresh and Delicious

Light and easy - that's how a summer party should be in every way. From the summer drink to the casually served meal.

At Haubentaucher

Summer, sun, beach feeling. And right in the middle of Berlin, because the Haubentaucher has more to offer than just the most beautiful swimming pool.

Grill Party Ideas

Our GIANT Grill makes every summer party extraordinary: a perfect blend of tradition and trend, ideal for unforgettable family and company celebrations.

Your Family Style

Get together and enjoy dinner in a completely new way - with everything you want and in a lively atmosphere, side by side.

Online Catering for Your Virtual Summer Party

Even when your summer party goes virtual, you can't compromise on excellent catering. Join our Creative Director Food, Felix, in the Berlin Cuisine Studios, where he will guide you and your guests through a recipe with a guaranteed success.  Alternatively, you can venture into the world of BBQ with the GrillBox and uncover its exciting culinary potential.

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