Premium Catering for Your Employee Event

What defines a good catering for an employee event?

When you want to express your gratitude to your team, there's no easier way to do it than through a fantastic meal – because it's not just love that goes through the stomach! So, dare to express your appreciation clearly: with a buffet, for instance, that embodies your team spirit both visually and in its selection of dishes. Or with a Flying Menu that drives your team's success story forward.

Berlin Locations and Catering Highlights for Your Employee Event

Individual Concept

Does your team event call for a show-stopping menu moment or do you prefer to stay in the flow with flying menus? We'll plan with you.

At aptm Berlin

It's personal here - with space for up to 200 guests, this Berlin venue offers a unique get-together experience in an apartment setting.

In the AVUS Tribüne

Experience unforgettable team events in the historic AVUS Tribüne, where elegance and dynamic go hand in hand.

Shared Experience

Our team event catering is a journey. Enjoy together or be inspired by our newly designed culinary creations.

Organize Catering for Your Online Team Event

You may have mastered Zoom meetings, but do you often enjoy real team bonding during online conferences? Not only do we offer that, but we also deliver an enriching, innovative experience. Our CEO will be cooking live with our Creative Director Food, Felix, in the Berlin Cuisine Studios, and your entire team will be able to join in the cooking process from home – with a guaranteed recipe for ultimate success!

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