The best Team in the World

“Everyone has their own place on the team. Everyone has their strengths. Everyone has their weaknesses. Learning from each other empowers us to be the best team in the world. Together we are stronger. Everyone ready to jump in for anyone else. Together we flourish – that is Berlin Cuisine.”

Timo Hieke, Service Manager

Sales & Consulting

Service + Events



Kristina Böhm

Business Development

Esther Puschitzky

Personnel allocation

Carola Hagedorn

Human Resources

In parental leave

Niklas Babel

Freelancer IT Support

Theresa Meyer

Human Resources Manager


Iryna Göbel

Assistant Accounting & HR


Tobias Graf

Sous Chef

Dennis Lochow

Junior Sous Chef

Christoph Maier

Head Chef for Events

Felix Metzger

Product Developer

Dustin Tergast

Line Chef

Mohammed Azzou

Line Chef

Ingmar vom Brocke

Line Chef

Marc Bierstedt

Chef de Partie

Jurij Richter

Chef de Partie

Tobias Köhler

Commis de Cuisine

Benard Ogolo Omondi

Chef's Assistant

Mohammad Hasan Masum

Chef's Assistant

Charles Wandera



Jakob Berger


Luis Wimmer

Disposition driver & fleet

Karl Kallenbach

Warehouse Staff

Nicholas Klahr

Warehouse Staff

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