Professional Bar Catering for Your Event

Turn a casual evening into a memorable event where great conversation is just the beginning –  guests will definitely be inspired to stay longer. From a wide selection of cocktails to a great variety of finger food – we've got ideas ready to be fine-tuned with your input.

What defines a good Bar Catering?

What are your guests expecting from a bar experience? Surprise them with our offerings and redefine their expectations. Specializing in this discipline, our bar catering shines with specially crafted drinks and thoughtfully curated, exceptional snacks.

Berlin Locations and Ideas for Bar Catering

Signature Drinks

Berlin Cuisine is thrilled to either bring our signature drinks or collaborate with you to craft a one-of-a-kind cocktail.

At Haubentaucher

What could be better than a pool and a bar to create a beach-like atmosphere in the heart of Berlin?

At Clärchens Ballhaus

Choose between indoor and outdoor spaces at Clärchens Ballhaus for the ideal bar mingling setting.

Your Way

From alcohol and fizz to cocktail umbrellas, we adjust our plans to suit your taste, promising a diverse selection.

Bar Catering for Your Online Event

Want to jazz up your online event? We deliver bar catering directly to all your guests. Choose from pre-mixed drinks or let us guide you through the key steps to the ultimate beverage experience, with or without alcohol. Add some eye-catching snacks for that extra wow factor. Whether you're rounding out a day or adding an exciting twist to your program, we've got you covered.

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