Premium Catering for Meeting, Congress or Conference

What defines a good conference catering?

Catering at a conference can be the difference between the cliché of a dry conference and engaged participants, lively discussions, and meaningful interactions. You know what you desire, and it's equally clear to us that we can provide precisely that. With catering specifically designed for your meeting, congress, or conference, we have your needs covered. 

Berlin Locations and Catering Highlights for your Conference

Flying Ideas

Disrupt the typical conference concept by serving a flying menu. It will be the content, not the form, that captivates!

BOLLE Festival Halls

Welcome to a magnificent event – go for greatness instead of holding back, and we're here to help you make it an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Berlin Cuisine Studio

Online wasn't so bad after all? Then keep going – with live events from the BC Studio as part of your conference program.

Staying Powered

Even if it takes longer, we want everyone to keep awake. That's why we design the conference dinner with energy rockets.

Online Catering for a Digital Conference

Even in the context of an online conference, you can provide your guests with suitable catering options. Our TasteBoxes are sent to the homes or offices of all participants, enabling them to engage digitally while still enjoying shared lunch breaks with SoulJars, snacking throughout the day, toasting together (with or without alcohol), or even participating in a shared live cooking event.

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