Food Station Catering: a Casual Way to Enjoy

What characterizes Premium Catering with Food Stations?

Food stations are the ultimate catering solution for dynamic, open-plan events. Here, your guests can create their own portions according to their own tastes and preferences, which makes it a fitting and special highlight that complements the theme and purpose of your event, all without the need for a synchronized break. 

Berlin Locations and Ideas for Food Station Catering

To Each Their Own

At the food stations, you don't just order "once", but according to your taste. Full, flexible enjoyment the whole evening!

At the eWerk Berlin

Everyone celebrates together, and everyone goes to the next food station from time to time – that's how it works at eWerk.

At the Motorwerk Berlin

Just the way you like it – just like Motorwerk Berlin, which is flexible and ready for different events.

Ready Everywhere

Food stations offer the perfect form of hot food for lively parties - placed around the dance floor or spread throughout the venue.

How Food Station Catering Can Liven Up Your Event

Choosing food stations for your event grants your guests the freedom to enjoy their meals whenever and however they wish throughout the event. This flexibility is especially valuable during spirited moments of dancing, celebrating, and socializing, allowing everyone to grab a bite at their convenience. Even though the food stations are often positioned at the edge of the dance floor, they serve as a cohesive catering element that weaves through your evening.

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