DARK MATTER is a parallel cosmos of expansive light installations in which the boundaries between the real and the digital world become blurred. The combination of exclusive event and ART EXPERIENCE in DARK MATTER ensures an unforgettable and unique celebration. Whether a spectacular dinner, a wild dance party or a large corporate event - the guests embark on an unforgettable journey through light, space, sound and taste.


Köpenicker Chaussee 46, 10317 Berlin

Suitable for
Corporate events, premium events, company parties, dance events, summer parties, dinners

Area and size
Three indoor areas and courtyard with a total of 1.000m² + a front building with 200m²

Max. 700 people


DARK MATTER is a one of a kind space with multidimensional exhibition in a former factory in East Berlin. On 1000m² exhibition space DARK MATTER presents installations - from intimate small light compositions to walk-through interactive objects to room-filling audiovisual light shows. Each room unfolds its own individual atmosphere and yet is part of a holistic experience for visitors of all ages.

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Franziska Döderlein, Concept & Events