Professional Trade Fair Catering for Your Success

Professional Trade Show Catering transforms an industry or regional meeting into a valuable opportunity for meaningful interaction. In a collaboration with you, we will determine, whether you want to establish a central gathering point at the buffet or whether you prefer a flying menu that caters to everyone, wherever they are.

What characterizes a good Trade Fair Catering?

Excited about exceptional catering for your upcoming exhibition? So are we! Whether you want to “just” pamper the exhibitors backstage or go the extra mile with your clients and guests, let's make it unique and different. We’re on board and offer surprising Trade Fair Catering options – from buffets and food stations to our food trucks.

Berlin Locations and Catering Highlights for Trade Shows

Premium Trade Show Catering

Go beyond appetizers and snacks – make it extraordinary. Experience the boost!

Berlin and Beyond

We're based in Berlin, but our catering can surprise and excite your guests all over Germany. You say where, we make it there!

At the STATION Berlin

With our catering at the STATION Berlin, your trade fair will become a culinary hotspot that will leave an unforgettable impression on every guest and partner.

Selected Dishes

Our signature dishes can be mixed and matched for buffets, set menus or flying menus. Tailored just for you!

Online Catering for Your Online Trade Fair Performance

Is your trade show going digital? Consider complementing it with online catering tailored to your event. A TasteBox from Berlin Cuisine provides a curated menu of meals, snacks, or beverages delivered directly to attendees' homes or offices. It's a great way to keep everyone energized and engaged throughout the day, whether you're encouraging discussion or presenting new developments that can be paired with fresh culinary experiences.

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