Professional Catering for Your Product Presentation

Every detail of your product presentation is carefully planned to showcase your product to its best advantage. From lighting and location to our buffets or flying menus, which we customize with you, everything is designed to highlight innovation, sustainability or creativity, also in terms of taste.

What makes Catering great for a product presentation?

Catering for your product presentation sets the tone, shapes the perspective, and highlights the sense of “All New”. We offer creative snacks or a flying menu that not only entertains, but also sparks inspiration among your guests. To maintain a sense of anticipation, we coordinate with you on all offerings, timing, and also the presence of our professional service team to complement the product presentation.

Berlin Locations and Catering Ideas for your Product Presentation

Food in the Spotlight

We can reinvent even the traditional croquette, making everyone open to new tastes. Seize the opportunity!

At Vollgutlager Berlin

Hold a product presentation at Vollgutlager Berlin and leave 300-1200 guests astoundingly impressed with your new release.

At Clärchens Ballhaus

Choose Clärchens Ballhaus for an intimate and elegant product presentation for a very exclusive audience.

Flying Fingerfood

We serve a menu designed specially for you wherever you and your guests happen to be - surprisingly convenient.

Catering for Online Product Presentation

An online product presentation should engage and captivate your guests just as much as an in-person one. So, why miss out on catering? With us, you can eliminate that need and offer your guests the ideal catering for the online product presentation, right at their chosen locations – whether it's at home or in their offices – with Berlin Cuisine's TasteBoxes. 

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