Invitation to the Gala Menu – To the Exclusive Catering Experience

From the Gala Menu invitation to the moment your guests take their seats at the elegantly set table, everyone will be thrilled to find out what awaits them. And from the first course on, your guests will be amazed by the extraordinary creations and the exclusive dining experience you offer them with Berlin Cuisine's Gala Menu Catering.

What makes Gala Menu Catering especially good?

The Gala Menu invites your guests to enjoy a special evening that we have carefully designed just for them. The sequence of dishes, the presentation, the attentive staff – we elevate all of these aspects from ordinary to extraordinary, surprising with unique ideas and never settling for anything less than exceptional.

Berlin Locations and Gala Menu Ideas

A Special Experience

With a Gala Menu, you can offer your guests something very unique. We will work hand-in-hand with you to create a truly exceptional culinary experience!

In BOLLE Festival Halls

Deluxe - this is how you and your guests can experience this location, from the magnificent ambience to the outstanding Gala Dinner.

At Clärchens Ballhaus

At Clärchens Ballhaus you can invite your guests to dine in the Hall of Mirrors - there is really nothing more to say. Just to try.

Also with Effect

Try something special: Candles or sparklers, smoke magic or glitter effects - our menus can do even more!

Online Catering Instead of Gala Menu

Should your gala event unexpectedly shift to an online format, we're ready to create a unique experience for you and your guests in the comfort of their homes. Each participant will receive packages containing courses for shared enjoyment, enabling everyone to partake in a menu featuring drinks, snacks, appetizers, and main courses together. If you wish, you can engage in live cooking together—a more interactive but equally enchanting alternative to the traditional gala dinner.

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