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Sustainable Pleasure

With our sustainable catering concept “sustainable pleasure”, we give our customers the opportunity to show their guests that sustainability is important to them without any winger waving. In order to enable the greatest possible benefits for our industry, we invite other caterers to take up our concept. We would be very happy to see others develop and use the "sustainable pleasure” concept.

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The concept.

The idea: Dishes in their natural skin or peel. We avoid serving on plates and present the food in what is normally thrown away: in the hollowed out kohlrabi, the onion peel or the lettuce leaf. This plate substitute then becomes part of the ecological life cycle – a sustainable solution through and through.

In order to highlight the sustainability for the guests, the basic idea is accompanied by five elements:

1. Composting yourself.

Compost receptacles are set up in the event area, the contents of which gradually increase in height. Not only the staff, but also the guest him or herself disposes of the shell in a natural way. → At the première we were surprised to see how much fun it was for the guests to throw their bowls into the compost and their forks into the cutlery box. We are certain: The guests had taken it all in and were completely sold on the idea.

2. Everyone’s happy with tap water.

Only tap water is served in jugs, carbonated for the bubble lovers. → At the launch event we served “Berliner tap bubbly”; the guests appreciated the absence of bottled water.

3. Show and tell.

Display tables are set up to inform guests about how much can be saved in the logistics process when transport, cleaning, processing and selecting porcelain tableware are all eliminated. → We decorated the turbine tables with images of plates, glasses and cutlery. The guests were amazed to see the quantities of these things that are needed at such events.

4. Compare rubbish.

The comparison is unobtrusively made between the rubbish we produce and the usual unrecyclable and uncompostable rubbish typically produced at these events. → We plotted graphics on the presentation tables that made the quantities understandable at a glance.

5. Offer regional fare.

Ingredients are sourced from regional suppliers and the sustainable supply chain is made visible to the guests. → At the première we offered our catering app (MyMenu) with which guests could view the origin of the ingredients on a map of Germany. In addition, information about this was displayed at every food station.


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The menu.

Our ambitions: Enjoying the pleasure of good food without producing a lot of waste. Working only with ingredients from Germany to avoid transport over long distances.


Grilled sunflower root | Hummus from sunflower seeds | Garden herbs emulsion.

Served: in the sunflower blossom.
Origin: Brandenburg | Potsdam-Mittelmark

Onion beef

Beef ragout | eel sauce | crunchy potato flakes | freshly sliced horseradish. 

Served: in the onion skin.
Origin: Schleswig-Holstein | Kiel Fjord

Savoy cabbage

Crunchy country chicken | crisp cabbage salad | kimchi beurre blanc.

Served: in the cabbage leaf.
Origin: Brandenburg | Spreewald


Kohlrabi spaghetti | hand cheese foam | herbal pesto | roasted hazelnuts | black pepper.

Served: in the hollowed-out kohlrabi
Origin: Brandenburg | Havel

The golden egg

Baked cauliflower | yolk sauce hollandaise | crunchy nut butter | chives. 

Served: in the eggshell.
Origin: Brandenburg | Chorin


Pickled mini cucumbers | raspberry nitro baiser | Riesling crystals | fresh water-mint.

Served: in the cucumber.
Origin: Brandenburg | Chorin

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