Sonnendeck Flavor -
Berlin Cuisine Customer Event 2023

Contact PersonMichelle Bergemann
Number of persons300
Event venueHaubentaucher

Dive in, we're letting the summer vibes shine! At this year's "Sonnendeck Flavor" cutomer event in the chic Haubentaucher, 300 guests gathered, all eager for the new and the unexpected… and Berlin Cuisine didn't disappoint. The stage? The Sonnendeck. The stars? New – mostly vegan – food- as well as refreshing beverage concepts and a warm ambience.

Introducing: our new Smash Burger in the Classic Berlin Cuisine Black Bun. NoBeef, NoCheese, just pure, undiluted pleasure - completely vegan. Gringo Tacos? Of course, with a variety of typically Mexican Sexy Mexy toppings. Who could possibly say 'no' to that? But there's more: Our Salty Waffles had a secret to spill. Grilled Chicken or NoChicken, Unagi Sauce, with Japanese or Mexican twist – the choice is yours! Our Rackete 2.0 as Banh Mi Baguette swiftly made its way from plate to plate – be it with Rillette or in the vegan version with NoChicken. And hailing from Potsdam, our vegan salmon and tuna with wasabi cream added a fresh touch to the mix.

Need a refreshment? How about a Virgin Pina Colada Slush or a hint of Coco-Loco Rebellion? And because every good evening should end on a sweet note: Our Sexy Cakes! Whether it's Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie, or Coconut Passionfruit – all without lactose, gluten, and refined sugars.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Haubentaucher for the perfect location and the fantastic ambiance. And of course, to all the guests and customers who made this evening unforgettable.

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Michelle Bergemann, Concept & Events