Deep Taste 2019

Contact PersonIndigo Ries
Number of persons190
Event venueKraftwerk Berlin

We came up with several new dishes as a way to thank our Deep Web clients and partners and also to give “food for thought” to sustainable, innovative catering. Under the motto "Sustainable Pleasure", we presented 190 guests with food served in the shells, skins and peels of the ingredients used. Our ambition: delicious food without a lot of waste. In the spirit of the zero-waste megatrend. In addition, we worked only with ingredients from Germany to make sure the transport distances were short. Examples of the results: grilled sunflower root with sunflower-seed hummus – arranged in its own blossom. And kohlrabi spaghetti with Handkäs foam, herbal pesto and roasted hazelnuts served in hollowed-out kohlrabis. Many thanks to the guests for this unique evening – and thanks to Kraftwerk Berlin for this wonderful location.

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