TiSCH One 2018

Contact PersonIndigo Ries
Number of persons80 Gäste
Event venueKraftwerk Berlin

This cooperation was really quite something: together with Satis & Fy’s event professionals and Kraftwerk Berlin, we organized the concept event TiSCH One / Table One at Kraftwerk Berlin. Here we had the chance to really unleash our creativity. We presented our 80 guests with our exquisite goose menu. We also served celery and the German classic “Feuerzangenbowle” (a flaming redwine punch) at our food station. And to top it all off, we even served finger food from a train! The highlights: duck and eel, duck foie gras and quail with black garlic. Huge thanks to Satis & Fy and the whole team of the Kraftwerk – we will never forget this event.

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Indigo Ries, Concept & Events